Weddings cost a fortune. My aim is to minimise that for you if I can as I believe charging inflated prices for your special day is wrong. Weddings rate highly on the stress-scale, therefore, anything I can do to help and reduce the stress that organising such a happy event brings.
I start with a free consultation so you can meet me and we can discuss your plans and desires. That should be some months before the big day and allows us time to try out different things with your hair, nails etc. and have time to settle or change if you find it doesn’t work for you. Each visit I make between that consultation and the day itself, the cost will be the cost of the service you have done. A week before the event, I like to have a “dry-run”. We can combine this with your rehearsal, or your hen-do if you are having one. Again, the cost will be for the services. Depending on how much you want doing, you then have two options on the day itself. A flat rate of £200 for me to spend 5 hours with you, or, you pay for the services you have on that day, whichever is easier. Some find it better to have the flat-rate, and I bring everything just in case something crops up we were not expecting. Most clients like me to do their hair, nails, eyes and sometimes make-up. However, I always recommend getting at least two people to try doing your make-up so you find something you are happy with.

As I am also an Avon representative, I can also potentially help with other elements of your wedding, such as table gifts or wedding party gifts from the bride and groom. Avon is far more than make-up and perfume! I also offer discounted gift vouchers for treatments which can also be given as gifts.

Hairstyling for your special day

Choosing the right hairstyle and stylist for your wedding hair can be a daunting process. I am happy to come to you and give you a free consultation to discuss exactly what you want well before the big day. From that consultation, a bespoke package can then be created just for you. This will include completing any chemical services in advance and a sample run the week before, so you know exactly what you are getting on your special day. I will be delighted to offer ideas and suggestions to complement your hairstyle with your wedding dress and accessories.

Another element you might consider The Beauty Bus for is to start the build-up to the wedding by being part of your hen-night celebrations, and no, I’m not asking for an invitation! Part of the services I provide from The Beauty Bus is access to Avon products. So, how about starting your celebrations with an Avon party? My Avon parties include fun and games to get everyone in the party mood. The Bride, bridesmaids, and both mum’s get 10% discount off anything ordered plus the Bride can also choose a fragrance of her choice from a large range I keep in stock, with additional products when the total party order reaches set milestones.

During your hair consultation, I can also show you various items you might want to consider for gifts to give bridesmaids, the best man etc. as well as bespoke table gifts for the reception guests. I believe the more I can help you tick one more item off the organisation list, the more relaxed and enjoyable getting married will be.

What I offer

  • Free initial consultation
  • Bespoke packages
  • Rehearsal hairstyle for approval
  • Hairstyling for the bridal party
  • Hair colouring

Great packages and prices on wedding hairstyling

I understand that your wedding day is the most important day of your life, and one you want to be perfect. Unlike some salons, the prices do not inflate for a wedding. Brides can have a free consultation with myself where I plan what the bride wants and when, The cost is then the cost of the services booked.

The advantage of using The Beauty Bus is that you get the salon experience at the convenience of your own home, or where you are having the wedding. Plus you are not limited to traditional times and days of salon openings.

I currently charge normal prices on the run-up to a wedding then either £200 for 5 hours of my time on the day, or the same individual prices for the work I do.

Residential and Care Homes

People living in residential care also need hair services and deserve to be pampered, regardless of their current health conditions. I have extensive experience of working with people with disabilities, and the elderly. I have resources to enable me to wash hair whilst residents are in wheelchairs if required.

Fully vaccinated, including COVID19, and holding an enhanced disclosure and barring service certificate for both children and vulnerable adults, I am a safe individual to work with residents.
Terms: Payment terms are 14 days invoice to the home, with individual receipts for each resident detailing the services and prices. Residents get the service they request. Where a resident lacks capacity, I require noted authority for provision of services from the care manager to avoid any misunderstandings caused when a resident asks for a service they are not permitted to have. Verbal authority from staff is not accepted.

I offer hairstyling and setting for brides, bridesmaids, grooms and family members across Northern Lincolnshire. Call me an appointment for your free consultation on