Avon products for sale in Scunthorpe

Want to maintain a salon-fresh look every day? The Beauty Bus provides a wonderful selection of make-up, skincare and hair care products from Avon.

A range of products from Avon

Avon is one of the oldest direct selling brands in the world, starting as the California Perfume Company in 1886 in America, changing the name to Avon in 1939 following a visit by its founder David H McConnell to Avon in Somerset. It was also one of the first global beauty brands to announce a stop all animal testing back in 1989. Since 2019 that has extended to the testing by China of products sold there, meaning it now has the FRAME bunny logo and PETA has announced Avon Products are now on their list of companies “Working for Regulatory Change”.
Avon now has both an online store, digital versions of the brochures you can have on your phone, plus the traditional paper brochure which comes out each month.

Become a Representative

Avon is also one of the oldest companies that allows people to work for themselves selling products directly to customers. You need to be over 18 and on the electoral roll to have an account.
Why do it? You get a discount on nearly every product in the brochure (only charity products exempt), ranging from 15% to 30% depending on the volume of sales you do in the month. You get early access to products in next months’ brochure. You get your own website you can promote for people to buy Avon products from. What you can earn is limited only by the effort you want to put in.
Some people have an account just for family & friends, others build it into a full-time business which allows them to leave whatever job they were doing. You can work on the internet only, or you can use the paper brochures. How you run your business is totally up to you.
What does it cost? You can start it with a basic Welcome Kit including a lipstick for just £10, or get the Ultimate Welcome Kit with a set of 10 products for £30. For anyone joining through the link below, there is an additional exclusive starter kit only available from myself. Apart from that, the only other cost is in your time and energy. Full training and support is available through myself and online from Avon.
Not sure? Give it a go and see how you get on with another exclusive: my trial pack. It will get you going the traditional method with brochures and homes, so you can see how easy or difficult it is for you. Remember though, Avon’s research shows that working electronically can double your sales if you put the effort in. Even if you get some orders but decide it is not for you, I will get those orders filled for you. It might be that you can become one of my Avon Angels where you do some work, but not as an independent representative, and earn discounts on your orders or even free products.

Get in contact with me – text or email is easiest – or use the link here for a no-obligation free discussion to go through how it works.

Buying Products

There are several ways you can now browse and buy Avon products. In line with nearly every business, you can buy online using this link here. If the products you want total £20 or more, you will get free delivery. Any less, there is a charge.
Alternatively, If you live in North Lincolnshire, or the Market Rasen area send me the order by text and I will add it to my next order with Avon. This does mean there will be a delay in it arriving.
Want a regular brochure? Again, drop me a text and I will send you a digital one for your phone, plus a physical copy if you want one.

For information on Avon recruitment across Northern Lincolnshire, call Beauty Bus on